IIS6 and Apache syscall graph

SanaSecurity created these two graphics:

Apache syscall graph

IIS6 syscal graph

What’s this? You may ask…it’s an API dependency graph of the current Apache webserver and the current IIS webserver.

As some people try to interpret those graphics to the favor of their loved one. I cannot see anything discussable about these graphics, so I leave it to you to just enjoy them as they look quite nice :-)

Source: http://www.sanasecurity.com/

One thought on “IIS6 and Apache syscall graph

  1. Read about coupling and cohesion. It a software engineering design/architecture methodology that helps software designers to determine if a design is simply better then the other. The less the coupling, the better. The more the cohesion, the better too. I took a whole course just to prove it, and to know the math behind it.

    From what I can see here, Apache is way less coupled. While IIS6 is not. Microsoft is building its buggy systems on top of each others. What do you expect?

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