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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLzArVLG85A

    The fact that I couldn’t watch the embedded movie since it’s Flash 8 and therefore not supported under Linux, so that I had to look the ads up and found the above is… erm… an intriguing example of the way some OS broaden your horizon, I guess. ;)

  2. it worked on three windows vista machines and five macs. Your youtube link is not the video I posted. This and the fact that I did not create those short movie lets me ask: Who are you to be concerned about my horizon?

  3. I can imagine it works very fine on every Vista machine or Mac you will ever want to try it. That’s why I mentioned Flash 8 is not supported under Linux – whether full platform compatibility of your blog is a concern or not I leave to you, there certainly is no need for you to please everyone. I also know that the parody on youtube is not the vid above, and that you created neither of them. Nor did I.

    Having cleared that, I just wanted to point you towards this – in my opinion – funny parody of the Mac ads we both seem to detest. Moreover, I found the way I came across this piece to be strangely appropriate to the corresponding ads: since my system is in no way as user-friendly (or as well commercially supported) as a Win box or a Mac, I had to try a workaround. If I had not been in the need to do so, I would never have found the parody, which I find immensely more entertaining than the ads. This is the basic insight I seem to have failed to communicate previously, for which I’m sorry.

    Let me assure you that I am not concerned about your or anyone’s horizon except my own. Apart from that, I do not see your problem with my comment. I can easily refrain from commenting in the future, if you wish, but I assume we have sorted this out.

  4. sounds fine. I am Glad we could sort that out. And I only can encourage you to comment more in the future.

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