want to get Windows Vista + Office 2007 for free?

“You’ll have to sit through three Microsoft webcasts or virtual labs on the products, but that’s a small price to pay considering you’ll actually learn about the software features. There are some relatively minor restrictions, however this is an offer you just can’t refuse. These packages can cost you upwards of $300 or more out-of-pocket, so I’d consider this time well spent.”

Oh and there’s the downside: only for US residents… well…

Source 1: http://www.powertogether.com/
Source 2: jkontherun

3 thoughts on “want to get Windows Vista + Office 2007 for free?

  1. ich werds nie verstehen wieso solche aktionen meist nur in den staaten angeboten werden, wie z.B. die “preisgesenkte” xbox360 letztens bei amazon

  2. so von wegen Zoll und Import-/Export Regulation… denk ich mir mal. USA is halt “Kernland” meistens

  3. Sounded too good to be true – reading through the comments on the jkontherun post there is the text of an email from Microsoft Customer Service saying the site is using pirated software to harvest Social Security numbers.

    I’d stay away.

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