23c3 opening credit generator done

One more step forward: The 23c3 opening credit generator is done. It’s an application which reads the Fahrplan XML file and generates an opening credit movie file which we will use in the recording and encoding process.

And this is what it finally looks like:

After clicking the “generate” button it’ll create the animation on the fly with all the blending and font rendering and write it to a movie file in it’s own directory. I used the AForge which is GPL v2 which makes the whole thingy GNU v2. Damn, I hate this license crap B-)

Sourcecode: Vorspanngenerator_sourcecode.zip (2,17 MB)

2 thoughts on “23c3 opening credit generator done

  1. h3rh3r – no actually that’s the problem, because you are using this stupid librarz you have to put your thing under GPL – what a waste of lifetime indeed

  2. you seem not to understand that there’s no real problem for me putting it under GPL v2. I did this because I actually read the license terms. What do you mean by saying “waste of lifetime”? I liked the library and if the authors wanted it to be GPL v2 I am fine with it.

    The purpose and the schedule won’t allow me to write it by mysef – and by the way I don’t really want to write an Image Library… AForge came in handy

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