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Hmm… Once upon a time there was a guy with an idea. The idea simply breaks down to this:

“Sell full price games to people and get an extra revenue out of in-game advertising.”

So here we are: I just found pacific city in crackdown literally plastered with Dodge advertising. Once day it was Dell… if you’re playing in the UK you’ll probably get army ads… how sick is that.

The first game that got this kind of in-game advertising was Testdrive Unlimited. The advertising was only available in the US of A and when you bought the game there it wasn’t full-price but $20 less than a full price title – because of that in-game ads. As an european player you didn’t see any ads and you had to pay the full price.

To be clear: I don’t think in-game advertising sucks. I just think that if you’re gaining revenue from in-game advertising you should share it with the players who actually bought the game. (e.g. lower the game price).

In the case of crackdown there’s no lower price. And that sucks.

3 thoughts on “in game advertising

  1. i like to look on the bright side of in-game advertising, such as in the Need For Speed series (cingular, Burger King, AXE, etc.), is that it kinda adds to the feeling of being a part of a living, breathing city. It doesn’t really detract from the game for me, but i would be all for lowering the prices if they use this type of advertising, but i think it’s just as well that they use real advertisements rather than made-up ads and companies…

  2. Real life is full of advertisments, adverts in games help to make the game more real IMO.

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