4 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface

  1. Mensch! Ich suche doch schon sooo lange nach einem Wohnzimmertisch – und da ist er!
    Ehrlichgesagt denke ich aber, dass er zu laut und zu warm ist. Mit LCD Technologie in 30 Zoll wird da ein kühles Getränk sehr schnell warm.
    Als “Stöfchen” für das warme Mittagessen jedoch sehr zu empfehlen!


  2. It’s the fact that apple stated “and boy have we patented it”… right yeah?

  3. If you ask me, it’ll be a while before this gets popular. I agree that the idea is awesome, but depending on the type of display (the type of the display itself, such as plasma, LCD, etc., not what’s on the display)it might only be annoying since you’d hardly use it. It’s a table, you put stuff on it for short-time storage. Besides, if you want long sessions looking at a flat surface that interacts with you, I’d rather not do it looking down 90 degrees all the time and getting neck trouble.

    Also, the idea of putting wireless devices on it and have them interact with the table is a nice idea, however, they need to be compatible, which requires drivers and whatnot. Besides, hardly any cameras are wireless right now, because it’s pretty much useless. And I don’t see this table becoming enough of a reason to change that.

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