Nokia, but nice

Recently I could lay my hands on a new piece of hardware – a Nokia N95. Nowadays you can do a lot with those shiny new mobile phones – so much that you’ll never know about everything.


This is the special “Spiderman 3”- version.


The interior.




Now it’s a mobile phone…


…and now your personal mp3/video/whatever-player.


E.g. the mentioned “Spiderman”.

Jens Heymann

The road to the Oscars…

seems to have a nice blot somewhere this year. They really nominated “Norbit”. It’s only one nom and in a lower category, but with such decisions the Academy does itself no service.


At least the counter award – the Razzie – is on track as every year. This time they cracked down on the it-girls. Lindsey Lohan (of course), Jessica Alba (earned) and Jessica Biel (assumed) all got their nominations. Personally I would have added Megan Fox and some others, too.

Jens Heymann

"Shooter" – A man like Rambo

Praised by the critics I was eager to watch this movie. Afterwards I can say that it’s not sophisticated compared with all those other action flicks.


Mark Wahlberg plays a gifted sniper who gets cheated and consequently seeks revenge. Now bullets and bodies are flying around.

An interesting setup ends in standard-type action. First Wahlberg gives us some nice knowledge about sniping, but then he just mows the enemies down in series. Neither big psychology nor character developing. That may be the purpose of the movie, but it is nothing special anymore this way.

If you combine the terms “star-vehicle” and “drawing board” you know what’s behind of this production. Mark Wahlberg “is doing a movie” instead of “a movie that features Mark Wahlberg”. The lead actor is simply more important than the script.

Next you have Michael Pena as the (usually funny) sidekick who delivers the cues to the main actor. Kate Mara serves as the nice-to-look-screaming-must-be-rescued female with merely 20 mins of screen time and nothing much to say.

The only things elevating this film a little bit are the not so meaningless intro action sequence and the zero-tolerance finale. Overall too straight to be outstanding.

Jens Heymann

300 – "Stranger, tell the Spartans…"

One of the most spectacular and grossing movies of ’07 and finally I have seen it, too. Last spring people invaded the cinemas like the Persians Greece, spent some money and went home again.


The story of the 300 mighty Spartans, who defended a narrow pass against the superior numbers of Persians until death should be familiar to everyone around. Also uncontroversial are the well-made CGI-backgrounds as well as the entertaining ability of the whole thing.


Is it pro-Bush and assists on his war in Iraq or (possibly) against Iran?

A clear no, because too far-fetched. There are no politics in it. The big box office is also no indication of a widely hidden pro-war predisposition among American viewers. I guess, it’s rather the recent popularity of Frank Miller and his comics.

Is it fascistic?

That is a typical European critic, but the martial quotes and looks are fortunately paired with just as much irony. Lastly, the Spartans lived this way despite some SS-like “blood and honor” jabbering.

Is it really better being a “free” Spartan than a “slaved” Persian?

My impression was the Persian acted much more like the so-called decadent occident. Lots of tolerant and hedonic people, who didn’t get discriminated because of their religion, looks and behaviors, or? Xerxes didn’t deny the wishes of Ephialtes, e.g. The Spartans by contrast with their euthanasia and their strict living kept unfamiliar to me all the time.

Millions of Persians?

This is of cause pure fiction. How can someone supply such an amount of soldiers even only one day? The whole Persian food production would had to accompany them.

Are the Arcadians cleverer than the Spartans by withdrawing from the lost battle?

I would say yes, and there you see why a civilian might be a lesser tough warrior but superior when it comes to thinking.

Let’s hope (for the sake of mankind) that nobody in the world (especially the thin-skinned Iranians) takes this comicesque movie at face value.

Jens Heymann