"Shooter" – A man like Rambo

Praised by the critics I was eager to watch this movie. Afterwards I can say that it’s not sophisticated compared with all those other action flicks.


Mark Wahlberg plays a gifted sniper who gets cheated and consequently seeks revenge. Now bullets and bodies are flying around.

An interesting setup ends in standard-type action. First Wahlberg gives us some nice knowledge about sniping, but then he just mows the enemies down in series. Neither big psychology nor character developing. That may be the purpose of the movie, but it is nothing special anymore this way.

If you combine the terms “star-vehicle” and “drawing board” you know what’s behind of this production. Mark Wahlberg “is doing a movie” instead of “a movie that features Mark Wahlberg”. The lead actor is simply more important than the script.

Next you have Michael Pena as the (usually funny) sidekick who delivers the cues to the main actor. Kate Mara serves as the nice-to-look-screaming-must-be-rescued female with merely 20 mins of screen time and nothing much to say.

The only things elevating this film a little bit are the not so meaningless intro action sequence and the zero-tolerance finale. Overall too straight to be outstanding.

Jens Heymann