The road to the Oscars…

seems to have a nice blot somewhere this year. They really nominated “Norbit”. It’s only one nom and in a lower category, but with such decisions the Academy does itself no service.


At least the counter award – the Razzie – is on track as every year. This time they cracked down on the it-girls. Lindsey Lohan (of course), Jessica Alba (earned) and Jessica Biel (assumed) all got their nominations. Personally I would have added Megan Fox and some others, too.

Jens Heymann

One thought on “The road to the Oscars…

  1. Well what I heard so far about this movie is really BAD. Even the “I-always-like-pseudo-funny-movies-guys” didn’t like it and nearly fell asleep. Awesome! Personally I didn’t want to punish myself by watching “Norbit”, after having seen some trailers.

    Wieder ein Blog, der zu meinen Vorbildern gehört. Vielleicht werde ich irgendwann auch so gut. Ich habe ja noch Zeit ;)

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