read the MSDN Forums with a cool client interface

I often read in the MSDN Forums but I will read more often because now there’s a client application available:

“After many months of hard work we are proud to announce the availability of our first CTP of the Microsoft Forums Client. Much of the work for this CTP is in foundational code that will let us build the rest of the application, but we hope that this first preview will let you see what direction we’re heading in, and also give you a chance to give us feedback!
Things that work in this CTP:

  • Getting the list of available forums
  • Subscribing to forums you’re interested in
  • Manually (by right click menu) synchronizing the Question and General Discussion threads in a forum
  • Reading posts that have been synchronized
  • Hierarchical (threaded) view of conversations”

CTP Main Screen


One thought on “read the MSDN Forums with a cool client interface

  1. Interessant nur leider läuft das Teil bei mir nicht und stürzt beim Start direkt ab weil es die Resource.xaml-Datei nicht lesen kann. Auch ein selbst kompilieren des Source brachte nur eine Fehlermeldung. Alle Prerequisites wie NET3.5, WLIDCLIENTSDK und SSCE-Runtime sind installiert. Im IssueTracker auf Codeplex haben offensichtlich auch andere dieses Problem. (alles unter VISTA SP1-DE).

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