When a site redesign isn’t accepted by your users…

…they eventually start making their own layout of your site… And you cannot do anything about it but listening to them!

A few days ago a big it-news site in germany relaunched it’s site with a new fixed-with-all-left layout. And more than 3000 comments by users had one and only thing to say: We don’t like it.

They disliked it that much that a few sat down and created their own site layouts by using firefox plugins like “stylish” – where you can create your own styles for sites.


I always wanted to see what these style-altering plugins can do but I never had the drive to think me into it…

Source: http://userstyles.org/styles/9589

2 thoughts on “When a site redesign isn’t accepted by your users…

  1. Genau das gleiche passiert gerade bei Bloglines (mit dem “Colorfix for Bloglines Beta” Style lässt sich die Seite überhaupt erst wieder benutzen). Wenn ich als Benutzer allerdings den Eindruck habe, dass den Designers egal ist, ob die Website nutzbar ist, dann gehe ich eben gleich zur Konkurrenz.

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