Jabber Logging Windows Service Sourcecode

I promised you the sourcecode of the Jabber Logging Client Service I’ve written. You can read about it here.

It’s now a fully blown Windows Service which monitors the EvenLog Datasource you specify. You can specify filters now so that you won’t get overwhelmed by uninteresting messages from the Windows Event Log of the monitored machine. You don’t need to restart the service if you changed a filter – it’ll pick the new filter up automatically. The same stands for the target users. Just change the XML and the Service will pick that information up. If you change the EventLog Datasource or the Jabber-Settings you’’ll need to restart the service.

So here it is: JabberLoggingService Version 0.2

If you’re going to use it and you like it please drop me a line. Oh and don’t forget to read the readme.txt for full instructions.

Oh I almost forgot: You can grab the Sourcecode of the Linux version here: http://www.ahzf.de/itstuff/XMPPLogger/

Source 1: http://www.schrankmonster.de/2009/01/22/UsingJabberToMonitorWindowsEventLogs.aspx
Source 2: http://www.schrankmonster.de/content/binary/JabberLoggingService0_2.zip
Source 3: http://www.ahzf.de/itstuff/XMPPLogger/