New Notebooks and the office for the 3 new developers :-)

I’ve got a new work horse :-) A brand new Dell Latitude E6400 just arrived on monday. It’s quite a lot faster than my old one and after the fresh install it’s also a whole lot better to work with.


The other news is that all the new hardware for the 3 new developers arrived this week. That means that the guys can move in! :-)


3x Latitude E6400, 3x Keyboard+Mouse, 3x Sennheiser Headset, 3x 24” Widescreen

6 thoughts on “New Notebooks and the office for the 3 new developers :-)

  1. Don’t you find the new Dell laptop keyboards lack a right click button (not on the touchpad but keyboard) annoying?

  2. @Matthew: I cannot see what you want to say Matthews: There’s a right and left click button for the pointing stick and for the touchpad – there’s even a middle mouse button for the pointing stick. Which button does the keyboard lack?

  3. Ahhh, now I can see it. Infact I’ve never used that key on any keyboard that came with it. That’s why I did not miss it. Hmmm – is there any keyboard shortcut that I maybe want to know referring to this key? (Like Windowskey+E, or Windowskey+R) – or is it just what it’s supposed to be – a context menu button?

  4. Not aware of any short-cuts to replace it…

    If you’re using the keyboard to track around windows, which i regularly do, it become annoying and a little limiting… My work recently purchased E5400, same keyboards… :(

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