The Samsung UE46B6000 + Apple Mac Mini + Plex

So it’s been some days with the new Mediacenter Setup. And all I can say is: Oh boy that is some serious cool setup. I wouldn’t want to chance anything beside adding a new Sound System (>5.1 FTW!).

The Display itself is thinner than thought:


I strongly recommend the Mac + Plex + Full HD display setup. Even if you don’t get any HD content from your cable provider you can live-stream or download HD content through the different provider plugins inside Plex. The plugin infrastructure with the built-in “App Store” is just great.

Since Plex is a XBMC based Mediacenter software you have tons of information scrapers regarding series and movies. So you’re eventually huge collection gets indexed and presented in a way you would not get from any other Mediacenter. You get pictures, movie posters, descriptions and many more just by automatic indexing your collection.



Needless to say that HD content is something different. I only had some HD content on normal computer displays in the last years – having it now huge and sharp is different – better.

BTW: It’s on the floor right now because my wife couldn’t decide until now which tv-stand would suffice…

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8 thoughts on “The Samsung UE46B6000 + Apple Mac Mini + Plex

  1. hi really great and impressive !
    i have the same screen (Samsung UE46B6000) and will buy a mac mini soon – but how did you connect the mac to the UE46B6000 ? Could you tell me which cables i have to found ?
    Thanx a lot !

  2. Thanx a lot for your response ! ;)
    What about the sound ? The mini DVI is only for the image, isn’t ?
    How do you connect the “audio-out” from the mac mini ? Directly to the TV with a mini-jack ? Or to another component (Hifi…) ?
    Thanx again ;)

    1. Ah! I forgot the audio! You’re right: For the first time I connected external “computer speakers” (active speakers)… but because the mac mini can output digitally you just need a toslink cable that fits for the mac mini (ask amazon) and a hifi receiver which decodes and amplifies the digital audio signal. Plex will work fine with this setup because you can lock it to analog or digital output only.

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