It’s not often that I decide to eventually consider to do a bike tour. But today such a eventuality occurred.

Cutcat, Namenlos, Phillip and myself thought it might be a good idea. But first we had to check my bike. And guess what: the bottom bracket is broken. Perfect!

I am curious what amount of money is necessary to fix the problem…

I pinpointed it for you

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountainbike

podcast addiction: the Dawn and Drew Show!

So there is this phenomenon called podcasts. In my opinion it’s a extended form of the weblog idea. And since iTunes has podcasts integrated it’s just one click to get those cool episodes of coolness onto your machine.

The show I am kind of addicted is “The Dawn and Drew Show!”. It’s made by a couple who lives on a retired dairy farm in Southeast Wisconsin. But that’s not the point.

It’s a really cool show about everything you could possibly imagine. Sometimes naughty sometimes senseless. But always love-spreading B-)

So subscribe to this podcast and hear Dawn moan ;)

Source: http://www.dawnanddrew.com

Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters

ask Amazon to buy it…

So last week there was the TechEd Party. And the Scissor Sisters played there…And after the show I had to get the album. And there it is. Ordered on Thursday. Arrived at Saturday….

First: For me it’s a two part album. First half of the songs are great. Fantastic melodies and arrangements… but second there are songs that, – well just do not fit into the album…

Nevertheless I strongly recommend buying this album…

P.S.: my favourite Songs of course: Laura, Comfortable Numb, Take your Mama out

P.P.S.: No I am not gay. Just loving great music.

TechEd Europe 2005: The Party – Studio 7

That was the coolest Microsoft presented party I’ve taken part in. The live band was great: Scissor Sisters. Man that was an awesome show. So I took some pictures of the location which was calles “Studio 7” – Actually it was Hall 7 of the RAI Conference Center…but see for yourself how it looked:

that’s what I saw when I came into the hall

Well sine there were no refreshments we relied on the fact that there would be proper food at the party. And there was. At about 7 locations inside the hall you could grab Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fishburgers and Stuff.

So. I don’t want to bore you with food pictures and blahblah about the organisation… here are the Scissor Sisters!

a short video…it’s shaky but it gives a feeling.

sorry for the bad quality…it’s just my little cam.

that’s a guy up there…controlling the spotlight.

that’s no genetically modified vaccine or something…it’s just alkohol B-). Hmm.. I don’t drink it actually…it’s just for educational purposes.

Codetuning on a 32-way Itanium 2 SGI Altix machine

So this morning we played with these nifty dual Itanium 2 HP Servers…and now this: After a short talk with Intel my colleague Matej got access to an SGI Altix 3000 Supercomputer.

they look like that… nice ain’t it?

And because we’re just playing with that machine and there’s no benchmarking or anything like that done until now here are some “juicy facts” straigt from bash:

and the CPU Info of one CPU…:

does anyone know why the BogoMIPS are that low?
Itanium 2 32 Bit CPU Emulation?

oh and there’s some storage space:

More on that … later ;)

Source: http://www.sgi.com/products/servers/altix/

TechEd Europe 2005: 2nd Keynote “The Future of Software”

So there was the second Keynote “The Future of Software” held by the Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer for Business Platform of Microsoft David Vaskevitch.

As it was a great keynote it was also a inspiring keynote. I mean: the bottom line of the keynote was: It’ll all be automated. It’ll all be connected and wired together.

Well that’s a great vision. In the first place. Until there came the example: A big company has about 17.000 Employees working in support. And when the vision becomes reality those 17.000 employees won’t be have a job anymore. Anyway: From the shareholders standpoint this is great. But what about the social duties a big company that employs 17.000 people has? Okay, I really missed that point in the keynote. But nevertheless the future will be bright and shiny…

Oh and there was news on WinFS. Well actually it wasn’t news as David Vaskevitch stated it’ll be not shipped within Longhorn. Although there’s a release and shipping plan.

The graphic you can see in the picture above shows the vision the keynote wanted to transport. Try to read it several times… as I did B-)

When you are on many different Networks with your Notebook this is for you: Mobile Net Switch

I am often asked if I know an application that helps to manage a client machine like a notebook which is in many different networks – like wireless networks.

The last time I was asked I remembered I heard of such an application but I couldn’t remember the name. So here it is:

“Mobile Net Switch enables you to use your computer on more than one network with the click of a button. Mobile Net Switch allows you to automatically select the correct drive mappings, printer settings, IP settings and much more! “

Source: http://www.mobilenetswitch.com/

TechEd Europe 2005: Holistic Security

As I am a true fan of the sessions of Rafal Lukawiecki. And the fact that he is talking about really interesting subjects leads me directly to his todays session “Holistic Security”.

“You know all the security technologies, but are you secure? How much should security cost? The tough realities of today make security of enterprise systems one of the highest priorities on most IT Professionals’ agenda. This conceptual, rather than technical, session will overview security from a holistic, process-oriented perspective. While still uncommon, this approach seems to best model the threats that affect our installations. This way of looking at security is based on risk assessment and worries about all aspects of the system equally: we do not want to be building bullet-proof steel doors in a house made of paper walls. After discussing the main challenges that make achieving optimal security difficult, we will concentrate on three process-based holistic approaches: OCTAVE, Simplified Security Risk Analysis, and Threat Modelling.”

This panoramic view is in my opinion by far the best I’ve made this week. Enjoy.

TechEd Europe 2005: Refreshments & magic fridges

There’s (almost) no Microsoft event without Refreshments and magic fridges. So there’s almost no conference blogging without blogging about those life-improving features.

(this picture has nothing to do with this article ™)

refilling the refreshment


So this year there’s almost the same service as it was last year. Great and tasty! Always refreshing. But where’s Pepsi? ;)

TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “Migration 32 Bit SQL Server to 64 Bit SQL Server on Itanium 2 Platform”

The day started with a “Hands-on-Lab” Session. And of course: A Hands-on-Lab is the best way to get into the technologies.

In this session I migrated a 32 Bit SQL Server Database to a 64 Bit SQL Server Database (all SQL Server 2005)…it went flawlessly with the help of Visual Studio 2005. ;)

Dual-Itanium 2…my new notebook

“The purpose of this Hands-on Lab is to install SQL Server 2005 on HP Integrity Server (Itanium II based system). Once SQL Server installed, the attendee will migrate an application database (tables, store procedures and logins) from SQL Server 2000 using Integration Services to the 64 bit platform. Then, using Visual Studio 2005, the attendee will convert one of the stored procedures of the application to the Common Language Runtime.”

TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “Enhancing ASP.NET Applications for Multi-core platforms with Intel Technologies”

This day truely is an Intel day. So there’s another Instructor-led Hands-on-Lab today. With vTune we profiled and optimized a Sample Application that displays a Web Album. The techniques that are used are commonly known like Thread Pooling. But how you use them properly is another story. And that’s simply what this session is about: How to use the Intel tools for profiling and optimization of ASP.NET Web Applications.

(this was one goodie we got whilst the session)

“Ever thought that developing a dynamic web application with ASP.NET precludes any possibility to use hardware performance features? This session will demonstrate how the developer of ASP.NET web applications can easily take advantage of the latest hardware technologies: multi-processing, Hyper-Threading, powerful instructions sets (SSE2, SSE3), 64-bit instructions, etc. We will demonstrate how to use the powerful Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer to pinpoint the performance bottlenecks in an ASP.NET web application. This will allow us to focus on the optimizations that offer the greatest return. We will apply powerful multi-threading techniques to take full advantage of multi-processing, multi-core and Hyper-Threading. We will explore lesser known mechanisms of .NET framework which greatly simplify incorporating threads into ASP.NET web applications. We will illustrate all of these points with a practical ASP.NET application. It is recommend (but not required) to attend “Enhancing Managed .NET Applications with Intel Tools and Technologies” session before this lab.”

TechEd Europe 2005: Understanding and Fighting Malware: Spyware, Viruses and Rootkits

The second session with Mark Russinovich that I attended this TechEd was the “Understanding and Fighting Malware”-Session. Actually it was an overviewing Session and nothing too deep into it. But interesting enough there were some technologies demonstrated that I personally have never seen live. I knew that they are there and what they are supposed to do but I never used them actively as a developer. One of this technologies is NX or DEP.

“Today’s internet is fraught with peril in the form of undesirable and malicious software. These types of software continue to evolve new ways of propogating and ways of embedding themselves more deeply into the systems they infect. In this session you’ll gain an understanding of their propagation methods, including buffer overflow exploits, how to detect them and how to prevent them. You’ll also get a first-hand look at rootkits, which are the sophisticated tools and techniques by which malware attempts to avoid and prevent detection. “

TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “OpenMP”

So the most interesting session so far was the Instructor-led Hands-on-Lab which was held by Aaron Coday from Intel.

Most new systems today feature Hyper-Threading or – increasingly – multi-core processors. Your software can readily take advantage of these – using multithreading. However, developing, debugging and optimizing multithreaded programs have always presented a formidable challenge for the developer. Fortunately, now there are tools that greatly simplify the task. Microsoft* Visual C++* 2005 implements OpenMP™ standard, which helps you easily incorporate threads in your software. Intel® Thread Checker, an add-on to Microsoft Developer Studio*, can automatically find most kinds of errors related to multithreading. Intel Thread Analyzer helps identify and solve common performance problems. In this session we will put Visual C++ and Intel threading tools to action to quickly multithread sample code, ensure program correctness, and achieve optimal performance. “

Very interesting this openMP. I think I have to take it for a ride with my existing applications…I bet there will be performance increases… And of course you’ll read about it here on this weblog.

UPDATE: We will test some things with openMP this evening in the hotel – as we have a login to a 4-way machine (2 CPUs+Hyperthreading). The Information we got from the tests and maybe the tests itself will be published here of course.

Source: http://www.openmp.org

TechEd Europe 2005: playing with Windows Server 2003 R2

So I installed the Beta of Windows Server 2003 R2 which is:

“Try Windows Server 2003 R2, the update version of the award-winning Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1), that extends your connectivity and control. “

…nothing new in the west – just an updated 2003 Server + several Resourcekits that ship with it.

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/r2/default.mspx

TechEd Europe 2005: Introducing Windows Server 2003, Computer Cluster Edition

Since I am mainly with Matej and my Session turned out to be not very good I decided to go with Matejs session choice which is: “Introducing Windows Server 2003, Computer Cluster Edition”. The Senior Product Manager of the Computer Cluster Edition gave an overview of the newly member of the Windows Server 2003 family. After stating what it’s not, he talked about Microsofts vision behind the Computer Cluster Edition and where it’s going to develop in the future…

“Applications and scenarios for High Performance Computing are increasing in automation, speed and ease of use. The future of HPC lies in integrated workflows, where server clusters and desktops will seamlessly process complex parallel, distributed, and data-driven computations across a large network of solutions. The user will be able to utilize best-of-breed computational models to create complex, multi-stage simulations residing anywhere within an enterprise or the Internet. Microsoft will be delivering their first step in making that environment a reality — Windows Server 2003, Compute Cluster Edition. The product (still in pre-beta stage) is designed to create a “personal supercomputing” solution — a great out-of-the-box experience — surrounded by a wide ecosystem of partners, products, and services to maximize business value. This session discusses product plans and roadmaps, scenarios it is addressing, the competitive landscape and challenges, and highlights the value proposition of the solution. The session will also give some early views of the product via step-by-step screen shots to highlight the ease and straightforward deployment and management of the solution.”

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/hpc/default.mspx

TechEd Europe 2005: Microsoft and Opensource Chalk and Talk

We attended the Chalk and Talk Session “Microsoft and Opensource” today… Actually a very interesting session, but I spare any comment on it here, just not to annoy anyone (which would otherwise be possible).

Many customers have questions about Microsoft’s view of Open Source and its ability to coexist and interoperate in a Microsoft environment. The session aims to answer your questions about Open Source and provide information and guidance on Microsoft’s position on open Source. “

TechEd Europe 2005: the TechEd for Students

There is a huge number of side-events at TechEd Europe 2005 – like every year. But this year there’s something special: The TechEd for Students. A one-day event especially for students. It’s just a 10 minute walk away from the RAI Conference Center – so nothing to complain about. Directly after the TechEd Europe 2005 Keynote we went to the “Hotel Okura Amsterdam”.

when you look closely you can see Mathias Raacke who is
blogging here about TechEd Europe 2005 here

And after a quite good brunch there were some quite good sessions, for example Rafal Lukawiecki talked about the Future of IT.


the session room

Rafal Lukawiecki

So there will be a fun-event this evening – a tour to the Heineken Brewery here in Amsterdam. As you may know I do not drink beer – so it’s not really interesting for me to see how something is made that I don’t use. So we’ll see what to do this evening ;)

Source 1: http://www.projectbotticelli.co.uk/
Source 2: http://de.thespoke.net/MyBlog/MathiasR/MyBlog.aspx