trip to erfurt…

Since my girlfriend has two turtles we wanted to check out the reptiles exhibition in Erfurt. Which we didn’t because, well lets call it disappointment in the first place.

To small. To dubious. Well… you get the idea. And 12 Euro for 1700 qm is quite a price…

Then we decided to take a walk in the old town of Erfurt. Where we found a new product…(sorry, german only joke)

the new rythm

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning my feathered friends!

The new semester starts today and I successfully introduced a new diurnal rythm. It’s quite hard to go to sleep at 12 PM when you did go at 5 AM the last months. But it worked. It’s 7:30 AM and I am awake, already showered and fit to start the day.

Even the sun is shining… a bit…

flow – a flash game that really relaxes

What a game! It’s one of the most relaxing games I’ve played in the last months… going to sleep now

How to Play?

What am I suppose to do?

  • Dive deep into the space eat and evolve


  • Use Mouse Cursor to guide your creature
  • Hold on Left Mouse Button to accelerate


  • Red makes you dive down
  • Blue brings you back up
  • Filling up your body to grow longer
  • + makes your current body segment evolve
  • Move slowly to make smaller turns


Microsoft at CeBIT 06

Man, I was exhausted after one day – as usual. But after all it was a great day with many great talks. Even Promise listened to what I had to say… and that’s astonishing…

But since I had the chance to sneak behind the scenes at the Microsoft booth I want to present you a little bit of the pictures I just made…:

The presentation theater as everyone can see it…

That’s the theater from behind… a huge projector and a really big mirror render the HD projection perfect…

that’s hall 2 – which I traditionally do a panoramic view of…

statistics to enlarge my penis…

As if he wasn’t big enough I am here to tell you once again something about the statistics behind There’s the obvious tendency upwards – and I intent it to go straight upward for the next years…

any questions?

there’s a weblog ranking on – Of course this was one of the very good days ;)

Source 1:
Source 2:

the day, the 360 died…

I was playing a relaxing round of Marble Blast Ultra and my 360 hangs…

Yes, I know that four red lights = A/V cable error…but it’s a great picture, isn’t it?

The symptoms:

  • does not boot
  • hangs while playing
  • all lights are green

And after all the 360 isn’t hot in any way. The PSU is cold – even the fans are off – the 360s fans are in low-speed mode… But if I wait several minutes and boot then it will boot into the guide and even start games… but will hang after some minutes of playing…

I made a video to lighten up the situation:

click to view…

P.S.: you can also download this video via the podcast link (see left)

I’ll talk to the support in a couple of hours…hopefully I get a replacement soon.

Mercedes Benz SLK 200 Kompressor on the “racetrack”

average speed: 193,373239 km/h
top speed: 234 km/h
duration: 00:09:38
track length: 30,51 km

It’s my favourite car. And Sixt was so kind to offer me a “free ride”… this thing is awesome. Finally I got to drive one with compressor. Mercedes listen! I want one! Now!

GPS-Logfile: (29,65 KB)

Sorry I pushed the wrong button…

For gods sake why seem some people unable to use a phone? In 8 out of 10 cases when I call them, they just reject my call – calling me instantly back “Oh sorry, I must have pressed the wrong button”.

IT’S COLOR CODED! Green for GO Red for NO-GO.

Actually there are only TWO buttons on the phone that are enlighted. So how come that they almost always push the wrong one?


Software Update, new Design…

This week starts with some changes.

First you might have noticed the slightly different Design of this Weblog. Yeah I changed to a new Theme – originally designed by Jelle Druyts. Not only that it does look better in my opinion it also renders way faster than the old design.

Second change is that I’ve upgraded to the newest version of the software that runs this weblog.

I hope that this whole thing just works as expected – if you see anything that does not work as expected – please let me know.

the perfect working environment part 2

It’s been some time since I made a picture of my workplace…and since that time one more display arrived… so here are two up-to-date pictures:

as usual from left to right: Mac mini (Samsung TFT 910T), custom P4 (Samsung TFT 910T+19″ Highscreen), HP compaq nc8000 (Belinea 108025, built-in 15″ TFT).

Source: The perfect working environment part 1

teh keyboard for teh coders

Yesterday the sixth keyboard I possessed just died – it was a keyboard from cherry – one with all those buttons on it that nobody seems to use. I never did actually… but now it’s gone and the “new” one was already waiting:

this one was manufactured 14.10.1994 which makes it more than 11 years old…

YES! It’s one of those very very old IBM keyboards whose original design is from 1985. The one that has a very enjoyable “key-klick” not speaking of the comfortable typing experience…

So you may say: This keyboard is more than 11 years old – that’s quite old… yeah! But it’s new!!

How comes that? I got my hands on a quite old IBM Netserver which worked for over 10 years for a company here…and this keyboard was attached to the machine. It even had a dirt cover attached and was not used for all the time… So it’s almost new. After all a real pleasure to code with this gadget.


It’s not often that I decide to eventually consider to do a bike tour. But today such a eventuality occurred.

Cutcat, Namenlos, Phillip and myself thought it might be a good idea. But first we had to check my bike. And guess what: the bottom bracket is broken. Perfect!

I am curious what amount of money is necessary to fix the problem…

I pinpointed it for you