the first XBOX 360 game that exports user generated content…

Gamers rejoice! Today there were some really great updates in the XBOX 360 queue. The most interesting one is the update for Project Gotham Racing 3 – one of the launch titles of the 360. You finally can export the pictures you took in “Photo Mode” to your computer. Just select the picture and send it to your “Your Photos”-Webpage and grab them from there.

I straight went onto the track with the Sagaris to take some test pictures:

yes, HDR…

yes, panoramic view…

I just can say: WOW! That’s what I was looking for when I used the “Photo Mode” over half a year ago for the first time…Oh…I forgot to mention that they are also doing a competition…if you want to take part…here’s the info you need.

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XBox3000 TV – episode Mai 2006

Here we are – the newest episode of XBox3000 TV (german).

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54 Minuten


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one more step to photorealism

I came across a short movie which demos a new animation and graphic engine for all next-gen consoles and PC.

Yes, this actually IS a computer generated character:

The engine yet has some obvious problems with the mouth and teeth animation…but it’s just astonishing what’s possible these days. They even claim it’s in real time. Oh and the first appearence of this technology will be in an adventure game… great news, eh?


Masterchiefs’ Warthog is a Peugeot…

I have to admint that when I first drove the Warthog in HALO 1 my first thought was “It’s a french car! The steering is so indirect and tipsy like in every french car I drove to this point.”

And who would have thought that I was right? (well beside of moi) It’s a PEUGEOT! It’s a concept car and therefore it’s worth a lot of money…though it lacks the turret on the back…

Source: Warthog Testdrive

XBox3000 TV – episode March 2006

Here we are – the newsest episode of XBox3000 TV (german).

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you think you can beat the machine? try geometry wars!

You don’t know Geometry Wars? Well… take a look:

As you can see: It’s colorful, it’s action, it’s real fun to play. I am playing it from time to time and my high-score is around 120.000 points… which is pathetic compared to the guy that created this video:

Just in case you haven’t noticed: more than 16.6 MILLION points…in one sitting.


the 360 PAL-50 bug…

You cannot believe how pissed I am because of this annoying bug. I first encountered it when I wanted to play the “The Outfit” demo. When I started the demo I got this:

Well – easy, eh? No. Because my box was never used with a standard TV set the standard setting of PAL-50 for a german XBOX 360 is untouched ever since. I am only using the HDTV output of the box since I don’t have a standard TV set handy at the moment.

The tricky part is that the demo just checks if the option is set to PAL-60 or PAL-50 and return with an error in case of PAL-50. It does not check if I actually use standard definition or high definition output… So just changing the PAL-50 option to PAL-60 would work around this check – BUT – the configuration dialog checks if I am using standard or high definition – which means it does not display the PAL-50/60 option – which means that I have to attach my 360 to a TV set and set the option… which is not possible because there is no TV set …

To make a long story short: I am not able to work around a bug that keeps me from playing now two games… the “The Outfit” demo and “Feeding frenzy” which showed up yesterday on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Please fix this bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!

has the XBOX 360 self-destruct integrated circuit?

Rumors and more rumors about the IBM eFuse circuits in the XBOX 360 CPU… Funny if it’s true and I can think of funny things to do with the CPU when modding is detected… B-)


“Some may say that I should strap on my tin foil hat, but in fact VID data is stored in the eFuses, it may be possible to shut power off to the CPU permanently or increase the core supply to the point of self-destruct.

Remember that VID “111111” or “111110” (VID order 4,3,2,1,0,5) indicated “NO CPU” therefore no supply power to the core.

This is just one possible scenario and may give new meaning to “FRAG your opponent”.

Source 1: XBOX CPU Design
Source 2:
Source 3:

PGR100… or: How to blow a marketing campaign…

Marketing campaigns are a great idea if you want to advertise a product. And if you’re going to do such a campaign you MUST do it right…otherwise you’re proper fucked.

As a proud XBOX 360 owner and racing simulation fan I tried to take part in such a marketing campaign. The campaign is called “PGR100” and is divided into 4 stages. I missed the first one and wanted to take part at the second stage BUT…there was no time/date scheduled when it’s going to take place… and I really don’t have the time to check twice daily if something new is up online – that anyways should not be necessary as I am subscribed to the newsletter…..BUT… well… Stage 2 took place on the 3rd of March…today it’s the 4th… and..guess what eMail I just got?… Yeah, you’re right!

CRAP! You bastards…oh wait…Stage 2 was “Are you the best PGR3 online commentator?”…which is just the lames thing possible to think of when it comes to racing simulations…

But as if the date faux-pas wasn’t enough they managed to get 4 typos into the small text from above…the intern did that right?

But back to the great campaign…that’s what the current campaign homepage looks like:

Let’s zoom in on the prices you can actually win:

Especially the last prices are… well… What’s the point in winning a XBOX 360 + the game Project Gotham Racing 3 when you actually have to own such a XBOX 360 and the game Project Gotham Racing 3? What would you do with another 360+Game? And who the fuck is DEFARI?

we want a Top Gear track in racing simulations…

For some game generations we have the Nürburgring in racing simulations. But now a new challenge: Top Gear is in my opinion one of the best car- and motor-sport magazines ever made (and coming up the next months again).

So this magazine has a test track where all the cars have to do a power lap to set a time.

And that’s exactly what I want to do: I want to set a time and compete with others on this track. Wouldn’t it be great? Even after Jeremy Clarksons Gran Turismo experiment where JC exercised on a PS2 and raced the real track afterwards…


XBox3000 TV – episode February 2006

Here we are – the newest episode of Xbox3000 TV (german).

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policies…360 support…

So I called the XBOX support today – and: OMG! What a disappointing experience!

After I gave the support-chick the serial number and my mobile phone number for the fourth time (of course her computer was not responding…or something) everything was set up and she said:

Support: “Within the next two days you’ll receive a box where you put in your 360 console and the hard drive that came with it in your premium pack”

Me: “No. I won’t send you the hard drive. All the games I bought through Xbox Live and my save games are on this hard drive. If I sent it to you I’ll most likely will never see them again.”

Support: “Because you bought the premium version you have to send in the hard drive as well – it could be the hard drive that causes the error.”

Me: “No it could not. The error is the same even when the hard drive is not attached to the 360.”

Support: “It’s Microsoft policy that you send in the hard drive as well.”

Me: “So you’re telling me that I am going to loose all my save games because of Microsoft policy?”

Support: “Well you could copy your save games onto a memory card.”

Me: “Can I? You remember why I am calling? MY 360 IS NOT WORKING!”

Support: “Well you probably know someone who has a working one – you could copy it with his 360.”

Me: “I don’t know anyone who has gotten a 360 because they are sold out everywhere you ask for one…The next 360 I know of is in Munich – which is 320 km from where I am now.”

Support: “You could buy another 360 to copy the hard drive there…”

Me: “You’re kidding, are you? I am not going to send in my hard drive… I don’t care if it’s policy or not – if there is such a “oh your 360 is not working – and you’re thinking you’re save games are save?…bad mistake!”-policy…I am not going to send in my hard drive. What if I just buy another hard drive and send that in?”

Support: *thinking* That won’t work. You’ll have to send that hard drive in that came with your 360. Well you could just “forget” to send it in… *secretly* but I did not tell you that…

Me: The point is that I want a definitive and real solution – and no “haha you loose”-solution. Let me please talk to your team lead to help the situation.

Support: wait…

Team-Lead: Well you will have to send the hard drive in. That’s Microsoft policy – we didn’t make it…

There’s a lot I expected… but not that. What in all that’s holy is that supposed to be? If that’s the official policy… maybe I should just wait for a PS3…

So within the next two days I am going to send in the 360 without the hard drive – Stay tuned for more tales of interest…

the day, the 360 died…

I was playing a relaxing round of Marble Blast Ultra and my 360 hangs…

Yes, I know that four red lights = A/V cable error…but it’s a great picture, isn’t it?

The symptoms:

  • does not boot
  • hangs while playing
  • all lights are green

And after all the 360 isn’t hot in any way. The PSU is cold – even the fans are off – the 360s fans are in low-speed mode… But if I wait several minutes and boot then it will boot into the guide and even start games… but will hang after some minutes of playing…

I made a video to lighten up the situation:

click to view…

P.S.: you can also download this video via the podcast link (see left)

I’ll talk to the support in a couple of hours…hopefully I get a replacement soon.

they not only made mistakes: 7 things the 360 does better than anyone else

We’ve seen lists like “10 of Microsofts worst mistakes with the 360” and lists like “10 more of Microsofts worst mistakes with the 360” even followed by the “So what is this 360 anyway?” list.

But after all that complaints now we got it: list of “the 7 things the 360 does better than anyone else.” Go and read it. Because it’s really true.


Tokyo versus Project Gotham Racing 3 on the XBOX 360

There are three pictures floating in the net that show a comparison between the actual reality and the virtual reality that is painted by the XBOX 360 game Project Gotham Racing 3.

Have a look at these pictures:

click me

click me

click me

By the way: the upper part of the pictures is reality – the lower part is in-game graphics. What a shame that you usually drive past these beautiful environments with more than 270 km/h so you don’t even have a slight chance to even see this detail. But you actually can stop the car and have a look for yourself.

Updateing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 for Xbox 360 Media Extender use…

Some days ago I had an adventure with the current Windows XP Media Center 2005. I had to update the freshly installed MCE2005 to make it work with my Xbox 360. And because I wanted to play a bit with VMWares movie recording functionality I made some movies of the adventure:

updateing the MCE pt.1

updateing the MCE pt.2

hahar, it’s working!!

enjoy the movies… more of this with more interesting content is scheduled for the next week.

slow, slower, slowest, Xbox Live! Marketplace

Man this is slow. It’s even slower than… well it’s so slow, you wouldn’t imagine how slow it is. What I am talking about? I am talking about the Xbox Live! Marketplace. The place where you can download trailers, demos ‘n stuff directly to your Xbox 360.

I was downloading some stuff and well – beside the point that there is no download queue and you HAVE TO stare at the progress bar while downloading, because the 3 core/6 hardware thread Xbox 360 can’t download in the background while you’re playing, it’s just unbelievable slow. And no: it’s not my connection to the internet. Downloads normally are around 500 kbyte/s to 8 Mbytes/s (yes, BYTES not BITS)…

this is where it starts…it’s 00:19 AM.

hmm.. it’s 00:23…the file is 130.77 Mbyte by the way…

done! Finally… it’s 01:19 AM… which means: it took actually 1 hour to download 130.77 Mbytes.

Is this the way they want to bring is IPTV?

watercooling the 360… weren’t we promised watercooling for the launch?!

Weren’t we promised a watercooled 360 at first hand? There was this fabulous ourcolony movie for the viral marketing. And the guys there, which were supposed to be the engineers of the 360, said “and it’s got water inside”…pointing at the watercooled 360 mainboard and showing it into the camera…

Nothing of that became true as of today. The Retail-360 is a air-cooled gaming console with no water inside at all. But just till the guys from HardOCP got their hands into the game. They’re presenting you a watercooled 360 running at astonishing low temperatures:

“With stock Xbox 360 cooling, after an hour of Quake 4, the back of the motherboard temperature was 150.8ºF ( 66ºC ).

With the water cooled Xbox 360, after an hour of Quake 4, the back of the motherboard was a full 50ºF cooler than stock cooling at 101ºF ( 38.4ºC ).”