22c3 recordings – release this week?

So here are some news about the 22c3 recordings: According to the last information I got, 130 of 146 recordings are ready to go. I don’t know why the team decided to release them all at once only but unfortunately you’ll have to be patient. The release is planned for THIS WEEK. So stay tuned […]

22c3 Update: What happened and when will the recordings be available?

So here we are. The January passed by and still no recordings. What happened? picture by namenlos Straight after the congress we started working on the recordings – but soon we realised that almost all of the recordings we made live with ffmpeg and his friends were corrupted: The audio and video is just not […]

22c3: definitiv answers – when will the recordings be available? – and a thank you

So here we are: a new year and just two days after the 22c3. As we can tell everything was recorded as planned and everything went just great. I want to tell everybody who helped to make this happen: Thank you very much. It was a pleasure and great fun to work with you guys. […]

22c3: 3G Investigations slides and information

22. Chaos Communication Congress3G Investigations lecture slides Scanning your GPRS/UMTS IP network for fun and profit We are giving an overview of ip networks used for >=2.5G technologies. Our main focus is on scanning the overlaying ip network, on different Voice-over-IP filter implementations and the possibilities to circumvent them. We want to explain the ip […]

22c3: video and audio streaming and recording scheme

As promised yesterday here are some more information about the video and audio streaming and recording at the 22c3. First let’s start with the almost complete scheme: What’s not in the scheme is where and how the streams are recorded: there’s a DV tape in every camera (we’ve got 400 brand new DV tapes for […]

the trip to the 22c3, the arrival and some food.

Well here we are – packed with equipment we arrived in Berlin and successfully tested the first encoding-run for the upcoming 22c3 which starts in two days. hmm… bad weather this text was on the equipment to discourage thieves rest place at the A9 finally some food – well maedness had some sandwiches – but […]

“facts” about the upcoming 22c3 talk streaming and recording…

So here are some information about how we are planning for the 22c3. live-streaming: MPEG2 Multicast (3-4 Mbit)available only in the internal 22c3 network WMV Livestreamavailable everywhere – server inside the 22c3 network and one or more servers in the internet live OGG/MP3 audio casts congress-tv – available standard PAL tv signal of each talk […]

after a week: update, speakers acting, 22c3, my 360 and more…

I did not write for over a week now – I simply had no time to write – but now I want to give you a short update on what happened the last days: 2. December: the 360 arrives. I had only some time to unpack and testdrive PGR3 – in fact it’s what was […]

22C3: 3G Investigations – scanning your 2.5G/3G ip network for fun and profit

Ahzf and myself are going to present a lecture at the upcoming 22th Chaos Communication Congress (22C3) in Berlin at the end of this year (27.-30. December). Today the Final notification of acceptance of our proposal arrived… At the moment I am in the Implementation phase of the project…: IPv6 on Windows Mobile 5…cool eh? […]

the 23c3 live streaming and recording plannings *ATTENTION: DRAFT!*

ATTENTION: The information in this article are not final and are subject to be changed during the plannings. In less than 2 months the 23c3 takes place in Berlin/Germany (December 27.-30th 2006). And the plannings are in full progress. We had several brainstorm sessions and I think that we finally do have a plan. First […]

FeM general meeting ahead!!! (german)

Im Rahmen der Mitgliederversammlung 2006 legt der aktuelle Vorstand sein Amt nieder! Ihre Arbeit fortsetzen und somit erneut Kandidieren wollen – Marcel Pennewiß – Thomas Helbig Susanne Wolf steht nicht für eine erneute Kandidatur zur Verfügung. Weiterhin möchte Martin Heller für den Vorstand kandidieren. Dieser stellt sich im folgenden vor: Mein Name ist Martin Heller. […]

we need your help: be a video angel for the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress

This year more than any year before the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress needs your help! Since FeM e.V. plans to help the team of the 22c3 with equipment and manpower there never can be enough hands to help at such a big event. If you want to assist and help us recording and streaming the […]

Vodafone UMTS PCMCIA card + UMTS SIM arrived

Finally after about a month of waiting the brand new UMTS/HSDPA ready PCMCIA card arrived together with the USIM. We are going to use this card for our UMTS testings for the 22C3 lecture in december. So you can expect more on that subject in the future (reviews, sourcecodes, slidedecks). But first the unpacking: that’s […]