What now about the Promise VTrak m500i? Final news.

So I was asked why I would accept another test, after all the unsuccessful tests and support calls. The point is that I wanted to give Promise a second chance because they contacted us on their own talking about concerns they have that we do have some problems with their Promise VTrak m500i. After all […]

benchmarking the storages: Promise VTrak m500i RAID0

This time we got a Hardware RAID0 Volume with 4 drives which made a volume size of 2431630530 sectors = 1187320 Megabyte. Interface-Transferrate with a blocksize of 128 sectors at 0.0 percent of the capacity: sequential read rate medium (unthrottled): 46290 Kilobyte/s sequential read rate Read-Ahead (Latency 1.52 ms): 44762 Kilobyte/s repeatedly sequential read (“coretest”): […]

Promise VTrak M500i Review and News…

I wrote a short article about the lately arrived Promise m500i Storage Array and it’s not-functioning. After we had to wait the complete weekend it was time to call the technical support again and ask for purification…well sort of :-). The good news: The guy remembered that he talked to me. He even remembered what […]

the Promise VTrak M500i arrived: another 3 terabytes (soon?) to be available

Do you remember when I wrote about the brand-new Promise M500i iSCSI appliance? Yeah. They delivered it four days ago. And we’re nearly there getting it to work…but as usual: first things first! This is the little bugger: And that’s the whole rack: So what happened: We ordered the Promise M500i and 15 250 Gbyte […]

a lot storage space (not a Promise Storage Appliance)

So today it continues. After the dissappointing things that happened around the Promise VTrak m500i we started to put the other machines together to do some testing. Therefore we have: Machine 1: Pentium 4 (Prescott) 3 Ghz 2 Gigabyte of RAM onboard Promise(!) FastTrack 597 SATA 4 Port Onboard SATA 2×80 Gigabyte (Western Digital) 3×250 […]

solving data storage problems or: How long can 3.5 Terabyte last?

So there it is: It was finally decided that the existing storage should be extended. And after some discussions it came clear that it would be an iSCSI solution. It was also clear that 1.3 Terabyte would not be enough if we would not extend the storage again in a few months. So we went […]