YAPS progress (epg, sap / sdp, asp.net integration,…)

It’s been some time since I wrote about my little digital video disk recorder project and I think it’s time to wrap up some things. First of all I am using this software myself on a daily basis, having recorded about 1000 recordings in the last 4 months alone tells something. YAPS now is capable […]

YAPS TV-Browser Plugin

After using the “Web-Search”-Plugin of TV-Browser to program new recordings into YAPS, ello came across with the idea to use the “Capture”-Plugin instead. And after doing so: It’s incredible what that Capture Plugin can do! in the context menu: the “Record”-Button specify the title..and you’re done… The Capture Plugin does several things: making the programming […]

YAPS bug fixing and daily build access

I just configured the build system to generate daily builds straight of the subversion repository. You can grab the daily build archive here. Dailybuild (Microsoft.NET): http://www.slow-backward.de/yaps_daily_build.zip Dailybuild (MONO): working on that Dailysource: http://www.slow-backward.de/yaps_daily_source.zip The changelog since I wrote the last YAPS news: 04.09.2006 fixed a PlayCount bug removed unnecessary files for Daily Build support 03.09.2006 […]

program your YAPS VCR recordings from within tvbrowser…

I recently wrote about the progress I made with YAPS – the multicast to unicast proxy that suddenly became even a vcr. And today I found “TVBrowser“: “TV-Browser is a free electronic program guide. It offers more than 140 mainly german stations.” You get everything you might expect from an electronic program guide with TV-Browser […]

udp multicast to tcp unicast proxy YAPS revisited…and bugfixed

Yesterday I had an idea how I could fix the last remaining problem in my udp multicast to tcp unicast proxy server (YAPS). The last time I had to report this: “There are some glitches I am afraid to say: one known bug is that there are 12 bytes to much in the outgoing data […]

Building Visual Studio projects/solutions without having Visual Studio installed – MSBuild howto

Did you know that you can build almost every Visual Studio 2003/2005 Solution/Project without even having Visual Studio installed? You only need to have the Microsoft.NET Framework v2 (or better) installed. The Framework brings a great tool named “MSBuild” which helps you to build, for example, YAPS on your own machine. Download the YAPS sourcecode […]

Yet another proxy server… how to turn multicast into unicast…

We are using multicast to deliver more than 20 MPEG-2 encoded video+audio streams in our network. The advantages of using multicasting in a network of more than 2000 machines are well known. But there are several scenarios when multicasting is not the right choice. For example: in wireless environments you have to use some sort […]