What The Hack wrap-up

In the next days and weeks we will be doing a wrap-up of this years What-The-Hack. Everyone can come to EAZ 1341/1342 from 19.00 to 22.00 on the following dates: Wednesday, 09.11.2005 “Cryptography” Exploiting PocketPC An Introduction to Quantum Cryptography Learning cryptography through hand cyphers PGP for companies, why not? Fun and Mayhem with Radio […]

my pre-final What The Hack schedule

Here we go: 28. July 1100-1200 Openeing and Keynote adress (Tent 2) Emmanuel Goldstein, Rop Gongrijp 1400-1500 Reverse Engineering Microsoft .NET (Tent 1) Hannes Pavelka 1500-1600 Using linux for embedded devices: Introduction to uCLinux (Tent 1) Jean-Michel Friedt 1600-1700 Symbian Security (Tent 2) Job de Haas 2000-2100 Cross Site Scripting Scanning (Tent 1) Sven Neuhaus […]

want to meet at the What The Hack?

After some internal discussions a small delegation of VJs, some DJs, some computer hardcore nerds, some wireless experts, some Microsoft fanatics and some UNIX geeks will be sent to this years What The Hack conference/event…but what’s it anyway? “What The Hack is an outdoor hacker conference/event taking place on a large event-campground in the south […]