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GraphHopper: blazingly fast routes with OpenStreetMap

Playing with OpenStreetMap resources lately I came to the point where I wanted to calculate routes between points based on the OSM data. Now there is GraphHopper to the rescue! It’s opensource and awesome!

“GraphHopper offers memory efficient algorithms in Java for routing on graphs. E.g. Dijkstra and A* but also optimized road routing algorithms like Contraction Hierarchies. It stands under the Apache License and is build on a large test suite.”

Source 1:


the ocean in your browser

It’s impressive what these browsers started to become these days. Here you have a quite convincing wave simulation right in your browser with some knobs to play with:

Ocean Waves


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Cheat Sheet For Starting and Running A Business

Useful advice is right ahead! This cheat sheet gives some very interesting thoughts and advices for your own or others business.

I particularly liked:

“21) Should I ever focus on SEO? No.

22) Should I do social media marketing? No.”


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