there goes another Dell Latitude D630

I always asked myself when this particular notebook will fail. Almost everybody I know who got this notebook got his mainboard replaced in the last year. Now it seems that it’s time for my Latitude to get a new set of chips.

It crashed while I was using it and since that it only boots up like this:


Oh I looked up which graphic chip that actually is. It’s a NVidia NVS135 chip – not like I thought the NVS160 which is embedded in my current generation latitude. Thank god I got 3 year repair and replacement….

4 thoughts on “there goes another Dell Latitude D630

  1. have the same problem on my Dell D630 laptop. Is motherboard replacement really necessary?

  2. trying to find mainbord replacement. Do you know is motherboard for Dell Latitude D630 Part# R872J compatible with Part# PN302. Both have Nvidia GPU.

    thanks for the answer.

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