ELV MAX! Cube progress

I’ve just pushed a commit to the repository which finalizes my current effort in getting data out of the ELV MAX! Cube. With this sourcecode you should be able to get the following information out of your ELV MAX! Cube:

  • a list of all configured rooms
  • a list of all devices in those rooms
  • Thermostat and ShutterContacts have all their flags with them (like Battery Status, Open/Closes, Mode (auto, manual,…))

That brings me one step further to the integration of the ELV MAX! Cube into h.a.c.s. – next weekend probably :-)

p.s.: I’ve already ordered more thermostat and shuttercontact sensors.

Source 1: https://github.com/bietiekay/hacs

4 thoughts on “ELV MAX! Cube progress

  1. Congratulations for the success!

    I am waiting with the purchase of MAX so that someone can get reliable data out of it. I guess you don’t have MAX wall controllers, so you could see if they by chance are sending ist- temperature?

    Good luck with your further work.

  2. Great Job !!

    I just got into Home Automation Control and started to control remote plugs via WebInterface with my raspberry. The next step will be temperature sensorik via i2c. But in middle-term I would really like to integrate the Max! Cube.

    Please keep us updated


  3. the current status of the project is that I am using my implementation productively – it’s working for about a month now without any glitches so far. I’ll post an update article today.

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