blog maintenance – status

A bit of feedback is in on the plan to revitalize this blog. Thanks for that!

I have spent some more time this weekend on getting everything a bit tidied up.

There is the archive of >3.000 posts that I plan to review and re-categorize.

There is the big number of comments that had been made in the past and that I need to come up with a plan on how to allow/disallow/deal with comments and discussions in general on this website.

There is also the design and template aspects of this website. I switched to a different template and started to adjust it so that it shall make access to the stream of posts as easy as possible. Until then you need to wait or contact me through other means. But contacting is another post for another time.

2 thoughts on “blog maintenance – status

  1. Et least comments are back. Well done. I am also on my way bringing more and more stuff back on my own server. Also I will stick with Twitter, Instagram, I am investigating into alternatives such as self-hosted PixelFed, and a set of self-hosted services which fetch data. So I stay tuned, and read your blog. Looks like we are re-building the internet again ;-)

    1. I am still adjusting this template and everything around bit by bit. The categories and tags are much more complicated than I thought – so it’s going to take some more time. But I’ll provide more content here and of course: with comments back we can start discussing again. And yeah – it feels like reimplementing the internet all over again. Sigh.

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