bumps ahead

This website is delivered to you by a single dedicated server in a datacenter in Germany. This server is old.

11:13:58 up 1320 days, 25 min, 2 users, load average: 1.87, 1.43, 1.25


And I am replacing it. While doing so I am going to take some shortcuts to lower the effort I have to put in for the move.

It will save me 2 days of work. It will mean for you: there might be some interruptions of the services provided by this website (there are more than this page…).

2 thoughts on “bumps ahead

  1. I could give you my Ansible script for WordPress. Your server is WP, isn‘t it? Rollout < 15 Minutes, content migration via standard WP functionality < 15 minutes. I am official WP and MySQL Docker The WP migration tool even copies images after the XML is importer. Worked for my 15 years!!!! of content.

    1. thanks for the offer! WordPress and it’s dependencies is a non-issue if it only was the standard set-up of wordpress. But this server hosts about 8 quite content heavy wordpress sites as well as several services used by mobile apps and location based services. There’s something for everyone: Redis, MariaDB, several NodeJS instances, OpenStreetMap tile generation and serving, graph routing for real-world-routeing … like. Stuff that piles up over 1300 days of operation :-)

      So the actual perspective of moving this is taking the existing and always up to date backups of the services, pushing them to become “read-only” for a short while and then switching services one by one over to the new set-up.

      Oh and of course, all scripts, monitoring and logging needs to be changed over from the Debian set-up this old machine is to the Ubuntu base the new machine is… LTS at least until 2023…sigh.

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