Celebrate Imaginary Friend Day

Recognize and credit your imaginary friend, whom you blame for everything on all the other days of the year. Or help someone anonymously, but in a way they’d never expect. (“Captain Tuttle” was the made-up buddy of Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce and “Trapper John” McIntire on the TV show M*A*S*H. They used the mythical captain’s identity to get supplies and funds from the U. S. Military which were then sent to help an orphanage).

Imaginary Friend Day

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Imaginary Friend Day

  1. Today, erisian holiday coinciding with the solar. This is a good sign:

    Today the shortest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. Astronomically, the holiday will be held today at ~16 hours UTC-0 (London time).
    In ancient times, the Javanese solar year began at the sunset of this day.
    Also, on this night, the pagans celebrated the holiday of Kupala Night, which transferred to other fixed days of the Gregorian calendar by the efforts of the Christian churches and manipulations with various calendars. If you jump over the bonfire on the coming solar night, you will have good luck throughout the whole solar year.

    Celebration of the Kupala night by lighting fires and jumping over them condemns another 65th rule of the Trullan Synod, citing as an example the pagan rites of the Old Testament king Manasseh.
    Patriarch Michael III of Anchial, according to Balsamon, ordered the end of these rites.
    In medieval Russia, rites and games of this day were also considered demonic and were forbidden by the church authorities. So in the message of Abbot Spaso-Eliazarov Monastery of Pamphil to the Pskov governor and authorities, the “pagan” unruly of the inhabitants of Pskov on Christmas night of John the Forerunner is exposed.

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