Meeting with a hologram

I can never wrap my head around how people really only use audio to communicate within teams, across cultures and timezones.

I’ve experienced first hand what a difference it makes to use good video conferencing that actually works. And it makes such a difference on productivity and team collaboration.

Video conferencing never replaces real-life face-2-face meetings. It just does not start relationships.

If you already had your work and personal relationship started video conferencing will make all the difference to your work.

Anyhow: I am also a big believer in augmented-reality glasses. I have to wear glasses anyhow all the time – why not improving them with the ability to display stuff.

Now, think of this. You’ve got one of those AR glasses on and you start the video conference call. And this happens:

Please. Give. It. To. Me. Now.

One thought on “Meeting with a hologram

  1. One of the reasons, I decided to leave my current company. We have to work from home at least 20% and 80-90% of my time I am in conf calls, we have Skype-ready meeting rooms but people put bloody post-its on their cameras. For five years I am most of the time the only one person – beside external consultants – who turn the camera on. I don’t understand why people don’t use it. I really don’t…

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