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Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!


I was in desperate need for an DDate equivalent running on Windows. DDate is an unix implementaion of date accoridng to the erisian calendar described in the principia discordia.

I only found some C Implementations. And since it’s fun to do I ported the original Discordian Date C code to C#.

You can download the C# sourcecode, licensed under CC-BY-NC here.

I also created a web page which displays the current discordian date and offers you to convert any gregorian date into discordian date representation.

This page can be accesses here. You can call another page with parameters and you only will get the ddate output back:

for example:

Source 1:
Source 2:

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taking Songbird for a spin (again)

Since my last Songbird experiences were not that great I thought it would be a great idea to take the newly released 1.2 version of Songbird for a spin.

It’s said that the new version is faster and more stable. I installed 3 hours ago and I still cannot use it since it’s syncing with iTunes ever since.


More on that topic when songbird is ready….


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Google Copy-Wave

Oh dear. Another hyped protocol/platform from Google… oh wait. It’s not from Google. It’ all started in Xerox PARC…

There are several papers that describe what Google now claims to have developed…

left: Xerox PARC Paper; right: Google Wave

Conclusion: Go and read old Papers. As it turns out almost all newly hyped things have been described in papers from years ago.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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“Ich investier hier so vor mich hin…”

(Autor bekannt)

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small and reliable SFTP server for Windows

I had to transfer some data the last days and I wanted to do it fast, encrypted and using only one tcp port. SFTP is one of those protocols that come in handy in these cases.

Since the machine that would host the SFTP service is a Windows machine I reached out to find a free, reliable and easy to install and use SFTP Server.

Bild 1

I found Core FTP mini-sftp-server. It’s a small download of just one .exe file. When you start it up it’ll show the dialog above. You can configure username, password, port and path. Click “Start” and off you go. Works as advertised.


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Society for Geek Advancement

“”Being a geek means being so interested in something that you don’t care whether or not it’s cool.”

THE SOCIETY FOR GEEK ADVANCEMENT was founded upon the principles that we should all embrace our inner and outer geek and have fun while doing it. As individuals who love learning, innovating and believe in possibility as well as change, the second step of responsibility is to “be the geek that keeps on giving”. As a member of SGA, we work together as a global community to provide the tools and help others realize their true potential too!”

<\/param><\/embed><\/object><\/div>“;” alt=””>


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Free Coldplay Live Album

Get it while it’s hot – it’s free by the way. Any eMail adress will work.



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Never trust any statistic you’ve not faked for yourself

Watching the daily dose of news television could become the start of a rant.


Found in the german “heute journal” show from the 14th of May 2009. So guys – 526 is bigger than 527 at last!

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Sean Fournier – Oh My


I just found a great new album (well it’s 2008…but…). Just in time for the upcoming summer. Thanks very much for that great music.

Oh – it’s free – if YOU want it – just click the link and download it – it’s great, have I mentioned that?


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The Samsung UE46B6000 + Apple Mac Mini + Plex

So it’s been some days with the new Mediacenter Setup. And all I can say is: Oh boy that is some serious cool setup. I wouldn’t want to chance anything beside adding a new Sound System (>5.1 FTW!).

The Display itself is thinner than thought:


I strongly recommend the Mac + Plex + Full HD display setup. Even if you don’t get any HD content from your cable provider you can live-stream or download HD content through the different provider plugins inside Plex. The plugin infrastructure with the built-in “App Store” is just great.

Since Plex is a XBMC based Mediacenter software you have tons of information scrapers regarding series and movies. So you’re eventually huge collection gets indexed and presented in a way you would not get from any other Mediacenter. You get pictures, movie posters, descriptions and many more just by automatic indexing your collection.



Needless to say that HD content is something different. I only had some HD content on normal computer displays in the last years – having it now huge and sharp is different – better.

BTW: It’s on the floor right now because my wife couldn’t decide until now which tv-stand would suffice…

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:


new tv set arrived

Finally we got a TV set. Since Samsung announced new LED based sets we ordered a 46 inch tv. It was delivered today (yesterday the Mac mini which will drive the mediacenter arrived). I only had a short test-run scanning for cable stations… so more of that in the following days – especially more of the mediacenter configuration.


Source: Samsung UE46B6000


sones portiert sein Speichersystem auf das Speichermedium der Zukunft!

Aufgrund neuester Entwicklungen im Speichermedien-Segment wird ab dem nächsten Release des sones Speichersystems auch das angesagteste Speichermedium der Stunde unterstützt: die Speichergurke.

Durch die sensationelle Speicherdichte und unerreichte Zuverlässigkeit ist die Speichergurke das perfekte Speichermedium für den Datenhunger von gestern, heute und morgen.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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Go little Mailserver, go!!!

Since we moved into a new apartment in the last 3 weeks I had no stable internet connection – neither had my private Mailserver.

As of today everything is in place – the mail- and fileserver is up and running and connected to the internet again. So I had a server which buffered all the mail that came in during that time. That sums up to:

Bild 3

63.671 Mails in about 18 days. Hussah!

Bild 1

Go little Mailserver, go!!!

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What a difference a year makes…

A feature of my harddisk video rekorder is to take screenshots. So I took around 900 video still shots in the last two years. I had some minutes to take a look at them and found a real gem:


So on 23rd of May 2008 JC Flowers obviously wanted to pay EUR 22,50 per Hypo Real Estate share. As of now this same share is worth EUR 0,66 – What a difference a year makes.

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Never gonna give you up, Never gonna…

Die Bits-und-so Adventskalender DVD kam an! Hurray! Und nicht nur die war in der Packung:


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sones got a new website

Finally after more than two months of hard work of our marketing department the new website is online. Hurray! 😉 It looks better and it’s way more informative than the old one was.


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finally faster internet

QSC just delivered a second DSL line to our office – now even faster – 16 Mbits downstream should be enough for now. Since the german telecom could not deliver more than 3 Mbit/s we had to ask QSC for their service… overall a very good customer experience so far.

If you order a DSL line in germany from a reseller like QSC it means that a technical guy from the german telecom is sent to your place and he is doing the last mile connect – in our case the guy thought it would be enough to drop the TAE socket inside the wall… means we have to get another company to do the cabling afterwards… well.


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clicking to fast


gnaaaaa 100 requests per hour…

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how OS X is going to make everyone stupid

Okay – the title of this article is a bit, well… too much. It’s not going to make everyone stupid. What OS X is doing: It creates stereotypes. Like this one: Everyone with a Mac seems to automagically think he or she is a design-web-hip-artist of some sort.

There are great artists that do great things with a Mac – don’t get me wrong. As a matter of fact many great artist have switched and stayed on the white-sometimes-black (for an extra charge) side of the apple.

What I want to say is that: Making “doing things” look simple doesn’t always cut it. Of course you can get it done in seconds on a Mac – but “the real stuff” takes as long and as much of knowledge as on every other platform. You just have to know things – that you’re not told. Things that are hidden from you for the sake of usability. Things every nerdy-Macintosh-Fanboy just knows and which every other normal guy does not know.

The cause I am writing about this is a site of a very very great band called “Amplifico”. I visited their site and found that they are offering their EP for free download. I clicked on the link. Nothing happened. Maybe you can guess why nothing happened:


It can look as simple as it does on a Mac to make a website. But in fact it isn’t. Thank god for OS X! It’s wonders of usability and the feel every application has are the things I really like about it. I don’t like about it that so many things think they are something they are not just by using it. I don’t like that so many misinterpretations of the User Interface are possible – giving people the sense of “having everything in control” when they actually don’t.

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What would you do?

What if someone sends you six 17 inch Widescreen TFT displays with 1440×900 each. What would you do?


Rickrolled by bitsundso

Oh dare you Timo Hetzel!


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das gute Gefühl guter Unterhaltung

Auf dem täglichen Weg ins Büro und von dort wieder nach Hause höre ich die verschiedensten Podcasts. Ein Stammpodcast seit nahezu der ersten Stunde ist Bitsundso und die verschiedenen Ableger davon: Games und so, Videogames und so, usw.

Und da Herr Hetzel und Crew seit wenigen Tagen hochoffiziell die Möglichkeit anbieten sie finanziell direkt zu unterstützen und dafür sogar noch zusätzlichen Nutzen (neben dem guten Gefühl) zu erhalten habe ich mir sozusagen direkt dieses famose Bits und so Plus Abo gegönnt.


Auf das da reichlich wunderbare Unterhaltung (wie in den letzten Jahren schon) kommen möge. Kaufe Bits und so Plus und werde glücklich!


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It’s time for a review of last years numbers regarding the schrankmonster website empire. I did not write that much – and I could clearly see that reflected in the monthly statistics. Nevertheless I am quite impressed what numbers where reached in the end:

the year 2008 in numbers:

  • 1.671.932.652 kbytes ~ 1.6 Tbytes of Traffic served to the visitors
  • 6.393.160 unique visits (532.763 on average per month)
  • 17.716.918 unique pages delivered
  • 63.656.905 hits overall (5.304.742 on average per month)

Sounds like a lot of work for one machine. In 2008 there were 3 machines that hosted schrankmonster and the sites around schrankmonster. I think schrankmonster now finally arrived on a machine where it can grow in the future. (I think the new machine will handle peaks like the famous “iTunes for Windows Mobile” articles easily)

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When x64 hasn’t quite arrived…

…I really thought that if I start using x64 only machines my live would be easier related to those resource hogs like SQL Server and Team Foundation Server. But I had to find out just now that obviously…:



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new toy for the new toy: Manfrotto 190XPROB + 460MG

Not many new toys come with this: A justification to buy even more shiny new toys. In this case the 450d was the cause to buy a tripod + head.

It’s dark in here but I wanted to make a picture of it:



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new toy: Canon EOS 450D

Finally a DSLR landed at our premises: the Canon EOS 450D is as of now in our toy park – perfectly timed for the holidays and christmas.


(made with the “old” SX100 IS)


Interview with Steve Teixeira at the Technical Summit 2008 in Berlin

I had the chance to interview Steve Teixeira – the Product Unit Manager for the Parallel Developer Tools team in Microsofts Developer Division.

So here is the video of this (my first) interview:

If you click here you can watch it in HD.

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…aus der Domain Parklücke.

Ich habe heute mal meine alte und treugediente Domain “” (da wo die Charlotte Webseite für die Sendung “Fast Forward” mal vor laaaaaanger Zeit abrufbar war) auf die Charlotte Roche Kategorie dieser Webseite umgeleitet.

Das ganze soll u.a. dem Zweck dienen hier wieder die Informationen leichter findbar für webseiten zu machen. Kommentare dazu?


free dr pepper

I am not a fan of Guns’n’Roses – but this deal is a steal: Dr Pepper betted that the band won’t get their new album released in 2008. If they would release it in 2008 every US citizen would get a free serve of Dr Pepper.


get yours!


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the server was out for a walk

Precisely 30 minutes before the weekend started for the support staff at the server hosting company this server is hosted .. well… it crashed.

So I waited till this morning and after merely seconds and new SATA cables the machine was up and running as if nothing ever happened.


So – everything should be fine now. Enjoy your stay.

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SPAM down 100%

Obviously the SPAM Provider whose internet access was cut off on wednesday (as reported by the Washington Post)


Incoming mails is down from 4226 two days ago to 1663 today…giving a spam filter total of 0 false negatives (down from 1115 false negatives two days ago).

Thank you, whoever you are, for cutting of that evil spam providing internet access provider!

Source: WashingtonPost

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DIY Photo Frame (with a twist)

I got these two quite old Windows Mobile Professional phones (with touchscreen and everything) and beside the fact that they are my phones I am using them just to display my calendar entries on my desk. Now I thought it would be a great thing if those two QVGA devices would display personal pictures in a slideshow.

And it would be even better if they would get their pictures from the internet. And even better if there would be an application that would allow me or my wife to upload/delete pictures from the slideshow playing on all devices.

Thought said, and done. I did a little afterwork project today, taking me approx. 3 hours with everything from scratch.

So I made these parts:

  1. a webservice to upload, delete and retrieve the pictures

    This really is just a webservice very similar to the one I used in my DropBox application. It’s hosted on one of my machines and makes the pictures also available to the mobile clients.

  2. an upload tool to upload, delete the pictures comfortably

    I took the DropBox Application and customized it – it now resizes the pictures automatically before uploading and it can display a preview in the file browser.



  3. a small application running on my phones that displays this pictures using the webservice

    This one was made from scratch and consumes the webservice from above. It asks for the next picture URL, downloads this picture and displays it… and so on.

    photoframe_app_1 photoframe_app_2

Since it’s already up and running and looking great on my desk I wanted to share it with you. Don’t expect everything to work out-of-the-box but it’s a start for everyone who wants to have something like this. Oh – of course your windows mobile device needs to have internet access…

So as usual here’s the sourcecode of the whole package for your pleasure. Use it where ever and in what ever whay you want as long as you’re crediting. (639,87 KB)

P.S: There’s a fun fact I did not know: I accidently double-clicked the windows mobile application on my Vista machine and guess what: It just runs! Yes, manage Windows Mobile Application running natively on Windows Vista:


Source 1: (639,87 KB)
Source 2: DropBox

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DJ Morgoth: Mash-Up Your Bootz Party

Once upon a time in a user named DJMorgoth added me to his friends list. And today I had the time to take a look at his work. – And boy that is great stuff!

There’s a Mash-Up Party each month in Berlin presented by DJ Morgoth. Obviously a Mash-Up is a song made out of more than one other song. The Artist blends them together to create a unique new one normally sounding great 🙂

Here is the current schedule of these parties:


If you cannot attend you’re not lost: You can download all the samplers and tracks at the mashup-your-bootz blog.

It’s just great music – thanks to the artists!

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:
Source 4: best of bootie article on schrankmonster

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Bruce Schneier accurately predicts the random.

This is just hilarious! Like we all like to fool around with Chuck Norris it’s time to do the same with the security guru Bruce Schneier:



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Wie man “Schlag den Raab” schaut – ohne Werbung und ohne herumklicken

Hätte ich einen Fernseher wäre “Schlag den Raab” eine der wenigen Sendungen die ich mir glaube ich ab und an anschauen würde. Nun lief diese Sendung zum 13. Mal und ich dachte mir: Schaust du einmal nach ob das nicht im Internet als Stream angeboten wird.

Wird es – und zwar von ProSieben selbst – als Flash On-Demand “auf-der-Webseite” Player. Und hauptsächlich als Notiz für spätere Sendungen an mich selbst hier mal kurz die Anleitung wie man sich die ganzen Einzelvideos von Schlag den Raab auf den heimischen Rechner zieht um sie ohne Werbeunterbrechung und ohne lästiges herumklicken durchaus auchmal auf dem ebenso heimischen Fernseher anschauen kann. Die Qualität reicht dabei so gerade bis kurz nach knapp aber durchaus schaubar.

Also – für mich und den geneigten Leser:


Wie schon bei vorherigen Folgen der Sendung ist der vordere Teil der URL immer der gleiche, also – geändert wird jeweils das Jahr der Sendung – in diesem Fall 2008, der Monat – in diesem Fall 11 – und die Nummer der Sendung – in diesem Fall die 13. Danach kommt -00-01.flv bis -00-15.flv – wieviele Einzelteile das sind kann man auf der Webseite abzählen oder einfach probieren bis ein Notfound kommt. Einfach oder?

Das ganze Zeug ist dann mit handelsüblichen Playern abspielbar und die Qualität ist wie schon gesagt nicht so schlecht für ein On-Demand Angebot der kostenlosen Sorte:


Der Platzverbrauch ist dann entsprechend auch bemerkenswert für ein On-Demand Angebot aber das ist ja nur von Vorteil:


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Voltage wins

Well I don’t talk about voltage in the electrical sense but the brand new flavor of Mountain Dew. Since it’s not officially purchaseable in germany it took some time till I had the chance to judge the 3 new flavors. Since the winner is already confirmed to be the voltage it was just a “I want to see by myself”-test 🙂

So here they are, the 3 flavors that were eligible for election:


the 3 flavors:

  • Revolution: Wild berry Fruit Flavor and Ginseng
  • Supernova: Strawberry Melon Flavor and Ginseng
  • Voltage: Raspberry Citrus Flavor and Ginseng

The voltage was my favourite too – the Revolution and Supernova taste just to artificial and strange… I could not drink more than a can… with the voltage I immediately wanted to have another one.

The one thing about the voltage that I don’t like is the color…


but hey, the other flavors colors… well…



So since Voltage won the vote there hopefully will be a new great flavor of Mountain Dew be available in germany too. (PLEASE!)


Update-Zeit sparen mit Raubkopien.

Man lernt ja nicht aus! Und heute habe ich etwas ganz ganz wichtiges gelernt: Unter Zuhilfenahme von zusammengewürfelten CD Images aus zweifelhaften Quellen (die nächste Piratenbucht zum Beispiel) kann man wertvolle Zeit sparen!

Zeit ist Geld! Und das Geld rechtfertigt so manches.

Nunja genug der Satire – ich bin ja nun auch von der softwareschreibenden Zunft und letztlich wie jeder andere darauf angewiesen dass eben keine nicht lizensierten oder nicht zweifelsfrei von mir selbst stammenden Kopien meiner Produkte im Umlauf sind.

Das geht schon los bei so Sachen wie Support – den zu leisten ist nämlich schwer wenn man nicht weiss was der nette Herr von der CD-Image erstellenden Zunft so alles noch mit dazugemischt hat – und endet bei so Sachen wie den Raubkopien.

Berichten gestandener IT-Servicedienstleistern zufolge bedient man sich selbst auch gerne mal am “All-you-can-Eat” Buffet. Natürlich hat das dann nichts mit Raubkopien zu tun sondern dient nur dazu ein wenig Zeit einzusparen. Ohje – die Satire kommt schonwieder durch. Gut gut Zeit für ein Zitat:

“Jede Raubkopie ist in der Regel eine unerlaubte Vervielfältigung oder Verbreitung von urheberrechtlich geschützten Werken. Gemäß § 106 Urhebergesetz mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu 3 Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe bestraft. Auch der Versuch selbst ist strafbar. Heftiger werden die Strafen bei einer gewerbsmäßigen unerlaubten Verwertung. Eine gewerbsmäßige Verwertung liegt immer dann vor, wenn dies in Gewinnerzielungsabsicht erfolgt. Hier droht gemäß § 108 a Urhebergesetz eine Freiheitsstrafe von bis zu 5 Jahren oder Geldstrafe. Selbstverständlich bestehen zivilrechtliche Ansprüche neben der Strafbarkeit.”

So kommt man dann – obwohl man natürlich nur die besten Absichten hatte – in Teufels Küche. Meines Erachtens ist etwas was man nicht eindeutig aus einer vom Hersteller abgesegneten Quelle bezogen hat ersteinmal eine unerlaubte Kopie. Das wird dann je nach Einzelfall – im Falle eines IT-Dienstleisters – schneller als einem lieb ist zu einer unlizensierten “Raubkopie”. Auch wenn man noch soviele Lizenzen im Schrank liegen hat wird aus dem kopierten Datenträger und der damit erstellten Installation rein rechtlich kein Original. Jedenfalls nicht gezwungenermassen.


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elastic windows

Amazon has done it’s thing and you can now order Windows based machinery based on EC2. That’s great news for us since we’re definitly planning to make our software also available on EC2.

“Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 is a fast and dependable environment for deploying applications using the Microsoft Web Platform, including ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight™, and Internet Information Server (IIS). Amazon EC2 enables you to run any compatible Windows-based solution on AWS’ high-performance, reliable, cost-effective, cloud computing platform. Common Windows use cases include website and web-service hosting, high-performance computing (HPC) and data processing, media transcoding, distributed testing, ASP.NET application hosting, and any other application requiring Windows software. Amazon EC2 also now supports the SQL Server® Express and SQL Server Standard databases, and makes those offerings available to customers on an hourly basis.”


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DIY PMR Gateway

In my case it’s just partly do-it-yourself: Michael and Peter did the cable soldering and I wrote the software that controls the serial interface to the PMR sender/receiver.

My gateway is on PMR channel 5 with no CTCSS configured in the Campus area of the TU-Ilmenau. A gateway is only just a PMR radio connected to a PC which is logged into a Teamspeak server which is connected to several other gateways (citizen radio / PMR / …)

So if you talk within the range of my gateway you’ll be heard in more than 24 areas across germany over PMR and citizen radio.


One toolset which was particularly useful is the VU-Meter tools. You can use them to monitor your input/output ports and tune them for perfect modulation. You can get them here and they look like this:


Since the cable soldering was one piece of craftsmanship a picture of the radio and the cable:

the computer side of the interface

the radio side of the interface

If you want to connect from outside the range of the PMR you should go to the homepage of Freies Funknetz and get all the necessary information there.

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:

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How to create an m4b iTunes compatible audiobook from a cd

Let’s say you’re like me: You got several audiobooks on CD over the years and you even ripped several of these to listen to them in your MP3 player/car.

So what I have is a number of audiobooks ripped as mp3s on my harddisk looking something like this:


If you only have the CD what you would like to do is rip the whole CD as ONE large m4a AAC encoded audiofile. We need it to be an m4a because we later want to inject chapter marks. If you have this big AAC file just skip the next few steps. But if you got those several small mp3 files – one for each chapter you want to merge them together and reencode them as m4a AAC.

There is a great free tool to merge these mp3 files together. It’s called (who would have thought) Merge MP3 and is available completely for free. It’ll create one big mp3 file out of your several small ones.


After you got that huge mp3 file you want to convert it into a m4a file with AAC encoding. I recommend using iTunes.


When you got that one huge m4a file you want to load it into a tool called Chapter Master. It’s not free and will set you back $15 but it’s worth as I did not find anything else that was a) that cheap b) that comfortable c) working.


Load the m4a file into Chapter Master, add the chapters in the right order and at the right time. Eventually you want to add an album art picture. Click save and you’re done.

The resulting file is a m4b file recognized by iTunes as an audiobook with chapters.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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How to make it hard to read the EULA

Microsoft did a fairly good job hiding the end user license agreement in the .NET Framework 3.5 installer dialog:


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How to fix a “Maximum length exceeded” error message in ASP.NET

Since I had to fix it for more than hundred times before – here is once and for all the solution:

Add to the httpRuntime section of the web.config file of your ASP.NET application or webservice:

and you’re done.

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Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

If you ever asked yourself how many visualization methods are there und how do they look like you may want to take a look at this cool website:



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iMac downgraded to 486

Hmm… maybe something in the current Menu Meters version is wrong:


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HandBrake is now a full blown video converter…

Turns out that a new snapshot (unofficial) version of my favourite DVD to iPod Converter is available. With the new version came new features like the one that allows me now to convert almost anything to wonderful iPod compatible movie files.


“HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.”

I tried anything in my library, including some matroska movie files. Just everything worked – amazing!


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Gimp got a new UI

And another great software release of last week was the new GIMP version. GIMP is a free open-source image manipulation program that offers 99% of the functionality you’ll ever need.


P.S.: This is my wife’s eye… 🙂


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trying a SONY AVCHD camera…

Today I received a mysterious box with a SONY HDR-SR12E camera in it. I was expecting a camera but not one in HD (1080i) and with a humongous hard disk (120GB).


Since it’s for several projects I am working on so stay tuned for HD stuff. Thank god there’s soapbox and vimeo.

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real life is not a video game

Almost every video game company emphasizes the realism in their racing games. In at least one case this marketing lead to strange consequences: Carl Edwards hits a wall with is NASCAR racing car on purpose.


“Carl Edwards did everything he could Sunday, including purposely bouncing off the concrete wall at Kansas Speedway, but it wasn’t quite enough to beat two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson.”

“I planned on hitting the wall, but I didn’t plan on the wall slowing me down that much,” Edwards said. “In video games, you can just run into the wall and run it wide open. That’s what I did, but it didn’t quite work out the same as the video game.”


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“While we moan about the world turning to slow,

many people seem to moan about the world turning to fast.”

(ahzf :-))

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If it would be produced I had a christmas present for my wife

Oh that is just a fantastic idea. One of the hobbies of my wife is photography and this cup would be just great as a christmas present:


Unfortunatly it’s not in production…just a concept.

Source: zedomax

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